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Marked Agenda

Neighborhood Revitalization Program Policy Board Agenda

Regular Meeting
May 9, 2024 - 5:00 pm
Crown Roller Building. 1st Floor
Members Present: Noah Cameron, Sharon El-Amin, Kate Gens, Marion Greene, Nathaniel Lockett, Elliott Payne, Ron Schlatter, Pamela Taylor-Berry, and Mary Watson (Quorum: 8)
Members Absent: Becky McIntosh and Billy Menz
Staff: Nicholas Ngo

Call To Order

  1. Roll Call.
    Quorum Present
    Adoption of the agenda.
    Action Taken: Adopted as Amended


  1. Action Item: Discussion on the removal of the NRP Phase 2 expenditure requirement which state 70% of all funds must be spent on housing related activities.
    Action Taken: Approved
    Action Item: Authorizing Lower Northeast Neighborhood Association (LNENA) to represent and enter into NRP agreements for the neighborhoods of Beltrami and Northeast Park.
    Action Taken: Approved

New Business

  1. Potential Agenda Items for the next NRP Policy Board Meeting
    Action Taken: Received and filed


Next Neighborhood Revitalization Program Policy Board meeting: Not Applicable