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Racial Equity Impact Analysis (REIA)

The Racial Equity Impact Analysis helps the City consider racial equity outcomes when shaping policies, practices, programs and budgets.
Participatory budgeting - REIA

Section 1: Background
Public Safety Yes
Housing Yes
Economic Development Yes
Public Services Yes
Environmental Justice Yes
Built Environment & Transportation Yes
Public Health Yes
Arts & Culture Yes
Workforce No
Spending Yes
Data No
Community Engagement Yes
Participatory budgeting increases community engagement on spending. It gives residents new opportunities and methods to have direct democratic participation in how spending relates to policy goals. 
Council staff, with reference to materials by the Participatory Budgeting Project. 
Section 2: Data
Participatory budgeting impacts all residents. It has the potential to increase civic participation by marginalized residents such as residents of color, renters, students, and low income residents. 
No data is available about how BIPOC communities in Minneapolis relate to participatory budgeting as compared to white constituents. 
Legislative Department staff could research relevant data as part of the research outlined in the motion if they deem it relevant. 
Section 3: Community Engagement
Inform Yes
Consult Yes
Involve Yes
Collaborate Yes
Empower Yes
This motion aims to obtain more information about the basics of participatory budgeting and how it could be implemented into the Minneapolis budget process. The goal of participatory budgeting is to fully empower residents to be part of making decisions about municipal spending. 
Section 4: Analysis
Participatory budgeting has the potential to open new avenues for civic participation that can increase involvement and empowerment of marginalized residents or residents have not historically engaged with city government.
Section 5: Evaluation
Any implementation of participatory budgeting would include a system to measure and report on the impacts. 
Any implementation of participatory budgeting would include a system to measure and report on the impacts.