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Request for Committee Action

A briefing memo explaining the purpose, background, and impact of the requested action.
Agreement with Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, dba Our Streets Minneapolis, for 2022-2024 organization of Minneapolis Open Streets (RCA-2022-00144)

Finance & Property Services and Public Works
To Committee(s)
# Committee Name Meeting Date
1 Public Works & Infrastructure Committee Feb 17, 2022
Lead Staff:
Pam Fernandez
Presented By:
Kathleen Mayell
Action Item(s)
# File Type Subcategory Item Description
1 Action Contract/Agreement

Approving the selection of Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, dba Our Streets Minneapolis, as the 2022-2024 Open Streets organizer. 

2 Action Contract/Agreement

Authorizing an agreement with Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, dba Our Streets Minneapolis, for planning and management services for 2022-2024 Open Streets, with an option to extend the agreement for two additional years until 2026. 

Ward / Neighborhood / Address
# Ward Neighborhood Address
1. All Wards
Background Analysis

***Pending full implementation of the recently passed government structure charter amendment, and any resulting changes to the City’s process for authorizing the following staff activities, this RCA is being submitted to Council under the City’s prior authorization process.***

The City of Minneapolis developed a competitive process to select an Open Streets Organizer starting in the 2018 season. The Organizer is the City’s partner responsible for delivering all Open Streets events. Our Streets Minneapolis was selected as the Organizer for the 2018-2020 seasons and entered into a Professional Services Agreement (PSE) that outlined the duties between the City of Minneapolis and Our Streets Minneapolis. The 2020 Open Streets season was cancelled due to risks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the uncertainty at the time, the City and Our Streets Minneapolis agreed to extend the PSE one year to cover the 2021 season.

Professional Services Agreement

Through the proposed agreement, Our Streets Minneapolis will provide event planning and management services to facilitate the 2022-2024 Minneapolis Open Streets events, with an option to extend to 2026. The agreement has the same general terms that previously existed, with a few changes to the duties, which are noted below; a summary of all terms are noted below. The reason for the changes is to improve clarity on roles for the City of Minneapolis and Our Streets Minneapolis. Our Streets Minneapolis will perform the services pursuant to the terms of the PSA in exchange for nonmonetary compensation in the form of goodwill and recognition. Our Streets Minneapolis will be able to use sponsors for the events to mitigate their costs.

Services in the PSA that will be performed by Our Streets Minneapolis include (asterisks denote new or modified language for the 2022-2024 agreement):

  • Work with the City and community stakeholders to propose event routes and dates for the season.*
  • Coordinate all Open Streets events and all activities that occur at Open Streets events.
  • Lead event programming.
  • Provide confirmation that proper notification took place to affected properties on all routes.
  • Lead volunteer coordination.
  • Lead fundraising and ensure fundraising efforts comply with federal, state and local laws as well as governing ethics codes
  • Provide marketing and communications, including coordination with City of Minneapolis staff around website content for both the City of Minneapolis website and Our Streets Minneapolis’ website. 
  • Obtain insurance for all events.
  • Provide temporary restrooms.
  • Obtain necessary Block Event Permits, City of Minneapolis Public Right-of-Way (ROWAY) Obstruction permits, and MnDOT Miscellaneous Work on Trunk Highway Right of Way permits.
  • Obtain Event Food Sponsor Permit and comply with all Event Food Sponsor Permit requirements. Submit a map showing the location of all approved vendors at the event at least five business days prior to each event.
  • Coordinate with TAP Minneapolis to provide Portable Drinking Water Fountains.
  • Facilitate development of street closure plan and signage layout, including facilitating communication between City traffic, police, signage provider, Metro Transit, MnDOT, and other event partners.
  • Provide personnel support for barricade placement and removal for road closure and reopening.
  • Meet planning deadlines as developed annually by the City’s Open Streets Project Manager (or equivalent role).
  • Provide an annual evaluation report of each Open Streets season by the end of November.*
  • Obtain an Outdoor Amplified Sound Permit and comply with all Outdoor Amplified Sound Permit requirements.*
  • Provide trash, recycling, and composting receptacles plan to City.

The City, in its sole discretion, shall retain the ability to make final determinations regarding the number of events, and event dates and locations to be implemented during the term of this Agreement. The City and the Contractor will periodically evaluate the Event Food Sponsor and Short Term Food Permit processes to continue to find ways to collect the necessary application information and ensure proper oversight during the events. The City shall remain responsible for the following City functions:

  • Develop planning deadlines, including Block Event/Special Event meetings and when to seek City Council approval of the number of Open Streets events, dates, and locations for Open Streets events.
  • Coordinate the development of street closure plans and signage layouts for all events to ensure proper coordination. This should include timely scheduling of pre-event meetings between the Organizer, sign provider, and appropriate City staff for each Open Streets Minneapolis event.*
  • Provide necessary barricades, signage, and other traffic control devices.
  • Deliver police and traffic control services
  • Provide the following items for each Open Streets Minneapolis event: barricades and detour signage, parking signage, trash, recycling, and composting receptacles and pickup, and TAP Minneapolis water fountains/bottle fillers.
  • Share responsibility for marketing and communications around Open Streets Minneapolis events. Ensure dates and event information is communicated to key city partners, including neighborhood organizations, business associations, and other stakeholders. Utilize city marketing and communications resources, including, but not limited to: the city newsletter, city social media accounts, and email communications, to promote and uplift Open Streets Minneapolis events.*

An RFP for Open Streets services for the 2022-2024 seasons, with an option to extend to 2026, was issued on August 25th, 2021. Our Streets Minneapolis was the sole respondent to the RFP.