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Request for Committee Action

A briefing memo explaining the purpose, background, and impact of the requested action.
Contracts with Hennepin County Sheriff's Department and the Metropolitan Council/Metro Transit to provide law enforcement personnel to the Minneapolis Police Department (RCA-2020-01170)

Mayor's Office
To Committee(s)
# Committee Name Meeting Date
1 Policy & Government Oversight Committee Nov 10, 2020
Lead Staff:
Heidi Ritchie
Presented By:
Chief M Arradondo
Action Item(s)
# File Type Subcategory Item Description
1 Action Contract/Agreement

Authorizing agreements with the Hennepin County Sheriff's Department and Metropolitan Council/Metro Transit, in the amount of $496,800, from Nov 15, 2020 - Dec 31, 2020, to assist the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) with law enforcement personnel under the direction and command of the MPD.

2 Resolution Appropriation

Passage of Resolution appropriating funds to the Police Department.

Ward / Neighborhood / Address
# Ward Neighborhood Address
1. All Wards
Background Analysis

The Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) has seen a significant reduction in active law enforcement personnel in 2020 due to higher than anticipated attrition and leaves resulting in difficulty in meeting the public safety needs of the City.  Budgetary constraints, the lengthy lead time needed for hiring and training new recruits, and recent increased crime trends have aggravated the situation.

The MPD has determined the need for the deployment of additional law enforcement resources to enhance its current capabilities.

In order to help meet the community safety needs in the City and  at the request of the MPD, the Hennepin County Sheriff's Department and Metropolitan Council/Metro Transit are prepared to assist the MPD by providing law enforcement personnel.  

Hennepin County Sheriff's Department and Metropolitan Council/Metro Transit will provide officers, in good standing, that would be hired to fill a daily 12-person mid-watch 10-hour shift to answer 911 calls, and address crime.  The additional staff would ensure that public safety would be provided throughout the City. When used previously this program had geographical limitations..  Additional resources will result  in improved Community service including improved response times.

The MPD will compensate the providers for actual time worked based on actual pay rate and variable fringe, from November15, 2020 - December 31, 2020.  Each party will then fully compensate its own employees for any services provided pursuant to this agreement.