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Request for Committee Action

Contract with Metro Transit for Route 5 transit signal priority (RCA-2018-00227)

Public Works Department
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# Committee Name Meeting Date
1 Transportation & Public Works Committee Mar 13, 2018
Lead Staff:
Ryan Anderson, Traffic Engineer, Traffic and Parking Services
Presented By:
Ryan Anderson, Traffic Engineer, Traffic and Parking Services
Action Item(s)
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1 Action Contract/Agreement

Authorizing agreement with Metro Transit for cost participation on the implementation of transit signal priority (TSP) along local bus Route 5.

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Ward / Neighborhood / Address
# Ward Neighborhood Address
1. Ward 4
2. Ward 5
3. Ward 6
4. Ward 8
5. Ward 9
6. Ward 11
Background Analysis


Metro Transit and the City of Minneapolis have collaborated to install transit signal priority (TSP) along two previous bus corridors.  These corridors are shown on the attached map -- 18 intersections along Central Ave and 4 intersections along 46th St for the A-line bus rapid transit (BRT).  TSP provides greater opportunity for buses to travel through traffic signals thus shortening total trip time, which increases reliability and improves customer service.  The future TSP projects are the Route 5/future D-line BRT in 2018 as presented below and then the C-line BRT project along Penn Ave N in 2019.


Route 5/future D-line BRT

The future D-line BRT project will overlay the existing Route 5 to provide express service along the corridor.  The future D-line BRT is planned to begin service in 2020-2021 depending on funding.  When the future D-line opens, TSP will also be used for BRT buses.


Route 5 is a major bus route for the city and region.  Metro Transit would like to gain the TSP benefits sooner along Route 5 prior to the future D-line BRT implementation.  Thus, the City has been collaborating with Metro Transit to include 31 traffic signals for the Route 5 TSP project as shown in the attached map.   This TSP project will focus on two segments.  The first segment is Emerson and Fremont Avenues N from Plymouth Avenue N to Lowry Avenue N, then continuing north along Fremont Avenue N to 44th Avenue N. The second segment is Chicago Avenue S from Franklin Avenue to 54th Street.


Metro Transit has funding available to implement TSP for Route 5.  Field equipment will be purchased by Metro Transit and installed by City forces this summer 2018.  Metro Transit will reimburse the City an estimated $34,000 for its work on the project to install the field equipment and program TSP.  The City will be responsible for maintaining the equipment and managing the TSP functionality as part of the traffic signal system.

  • No fiscal impact anticipated