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Request for Committee Action

A briefing memo explaining the purpose, background, and impact of the requested action.
2018 Super Bowl Designated Large Event Zone (RCA-2017-01204)

Community Planning & Economic Development
To Committee(s)
# Committee Name Meeting Date
1 Community Development & Regulatory Services Committee Nov 13, 2017
Lead Staff:
Joan Hammell
Presented By:
Grant Wilson
Action Item(s)
# File Type Subcategory Item Description
1 Action City Policy

Authorizing the Licensing Official to establish a Designated Large Event Zone during Super Bowl LII, including procedures for processing associated permits. 

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Ward / Neighborhood / Address
# Ward Neighborhood Address
1. Ward 2 Cedar Riverside
2. Ward 2 University of Minnesota
3. Ward 3 Downtown East
4. Ward 3 Downtown West
5. Ward 3 North Loop
6. Ward 5 North Loop
7. Ward 6 Cedar Riverside
8. Ward 6 Elliot Park
9. Ward 7 Downtown West
10. Ward 7 Loring Park
Background Analysis

The National Football League (NFL) and the City of Minneapolis will host the 2018 NFL Super Bowl game and related events from January 26, 2018 to February 5, 2018. The Super Bowl game will be played at U.S. Bank Stadium on February 4, 2018. The NFL has requested that certain temporary commercial activities near U.S. Bank Stadium, located at 401 Chicago Avenue, and other designated sites hosting official Super Bowl game activities, be lawfully regulated in a manner to ensure that the focus of the event remains on the safety and enjoyment of the Super Bowl LII game by the fans, athletes, coaches and the public and to prevent illegal marketing and other unpermitted commercial activities.  

Consistent with past practice and experience with large events, the City of Minneapolis desires to respect and validate individuals’ and groups’ First Amendment and other Constitutional rights. The City will retain its full authority to grant or deny applications for any such temporary permits or licenses and will administer such authority in accordance with all applicable laws, ordinances and regulations, and, in considering whether to issue such permits or licenses, it is the City’s intent that constitutional rights will preempt all other considerations.

In furtherance of these goals, the Business Licenses Division, in cooperation with our city regulatory partners, seeks approval to establish a Designated Large Event Zone around U.S. Bank Stadium during the 2018 NFL Super Bowl game and related events, where temporary sales, vending, entertainment, signage and related special event permits may be approved or issued by the City of Minneapolis after conferring with the NFL.

With the establishment of the Designated Large Event Zone, no temporary permit or license shall be approved or granted which would permit the sale or free distribution of merchandise, peddling, transient merchant activities, product sampling, temporary food or beverage services, temporary beverage alcohol premise expansions, block events, parades, races, or permit the use of temporary structures, tents, signs, banners, mobile billboard vehicles, broadcast vehicles, amplified sound permits, temporary light displays, inflatable displays, or permit temporary entertainment venues to be operated during the time period of January 26, 2018 through and including February 5, 2018 on public or private property within the following geographical area surrounding U.S. Bank Stadium without conferring with the NFL:

“All that part of the City of Minneapolis lying between the Mississippi River where it intersects with Interstate Highway 94, westerly along Interstate Highway 94 to Plymouth Avenue North, and easterly to the Mississippi River south to the point at Interstate Highway 94.” See attached map. 

The licensing official may designate additional restricted geographical areas surrounding officially recognized, but as yet undetermined, 2018 Super Bowl game events and shall provide written notification of those additional restricted areas to the City Council.

  • No fiscal impact anticipated