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Request for Committee Action

A briefing memo explaining the purpose, background, and impact of the requested action.
Local Historic District Designation: Homewood Historic District (RCA-2017-01009)

Community Planning & Economic Development
To Committee(s)
# Committee Name Meeting Date
1 Zoning & Planning Committee Sep 28, 2017
Lead Staff:
John Smoley
Presented By:
John Smoley, Ph.D., Senior City Planner, 612-673-2830
Action Item(s)
# File Type Subcategory Item Description
1 Resolution Designation

Passage of Resolution approving the local historic district designation of the Homewood Historic District.

Ward / Neighborhood / Address
# Ward Neighborhood Address
1. Ward 5 Near-North
Background Analysis


The Homewood neighborhood was first identified by the City of Minneapolis as potentially significant to our community’s shared heritage in a historic context statement prepared in 1997. The area was noted as the epicenter of the Jewish middle and upper-middle class on the North Side of Minneapolis.

In 2002 as part of a reconnaissance survey of the Near North neighborhoods, the evaluators, Mead & Hunt, recommended this area for further research as a potential local and National Register historic district.

In the 2012-2016 intensive level evaluation conducted as part of the Section 106 Review of the Bottineau Transitway, the Homewood Historic District was deemed eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. The district has been determined eligible for listing in the register under criterion A, for association with events that have made a significant contribution to the broad patterns of our history, specifically the neighborhood’s association with patterns of Jewish settlement in North Minneapolis during a period of intense anti-Semitism. The Bottineau Light Rail Transitway Section 106 Review process and draft Station Area Plans identified possible adverse effects on the Homewood area due to future development pressure that could result from the infrastructure investment. As a part of this study, the creation of a historic district was one of the recommended strategies to address this concern.

In March, 2016 Heritage Preservation Commissioner Constance Vork submitted an application for nomination to the City of Minneapolis Department of Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED) for the Homewood plat area bounded on the north by Plymouth Avenue North, on the south by Oak Park Avenue North, on the east by Penn Avenue North, and on the west by the city limits. After completing an initial review, CPED recommended to the Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) on April 5, 2016, that the property exhibited at least one of the local designation criteria found in section 599.210 of the Heritage Preservation Regulations. The HPC adopted CPED’s findings and placed the Homewood Historic District under interim protection and called for a designation study to be conducted.

On February 28, 2017, the Heritage Preservation Commission unanimously recommended that the Minneapolis City Council approve the designation of the Homewood Historic District, subject to the following conditions:
1. The Homewood Historic District includes the 254 properties listed in the designation study.
2. The designation includes the entire exterior, but not the interior, of the buildings.

  • No fiscal impact anticipated