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Marked Agenda

A post-meeting synopsis of actions taken or decisions made on all matters.

Public Health & Safety Committee Agenda

Standing Committee of the City Council
Minneapolis Community Development Agency Operating Committee
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Regular Meeting
March 15, 2023 - 1:30 pm
Room 317, City Hall
Members Present: Council Members LaTrisha Vetaw (Chair), Elliott Payne (Vice-Chair), Robin Wonsley, Michael Rainville, Jeremiah Ellison, and Linea Palmisano (Quorum: 4)
Clerk: Kendall Smaby, (612) 673-2216


  1. 2 Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO) grant for erosion and sediment control enforcement (2023-00288)
    1. Accepting a grant from the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO), in the amount of $19,200, to hire interns to assist in erosion and sediment control enforcement for the period of Jan 1, 2023, through Dec 15, 2023.

    2. Authorizing an agreement with the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization for the grant.

    Action Taken: Approved
  2. 3 Arts Commission Appointments (2023-00297)
    1. Approving the following Council reappointments for a three-year term beginning Jan 1, 2023, and ending Dec 31, 2025: Mandi Bedbury, Seat 5, Ward 10; and Lana Aylesworth, Seat 8, Ward 11. 

    2. Confirming the following Mayoral reappointment for a three-year term beginning Jan 1, 2023, and ending Dec 31, 2025: Jeffrey Swinton, Seat 7, Ward 7.

    3. Approving the following Council appointment for an unexpired three-year term beginning Jan 1, 2021, and ending Dec 31, 2023: Jaspar Lepak, Seat 3, Ward 11.

    4. Confirming the following Mayoral appointments for a three-year term beginning Jan 1, 2023, and ending Dec 31, 2025: Michelle van Kuijk, Seat 4, Ward 12; and Leni Moore, Seat 15, Ward 7.

    Action Taken: Approved
  3. 4 Noise violation exemption ordinance (2023-00176)
    Action Taken: Public hearing set for Mar 29, 2023


  1. 5 Staffing and operation of Hennepin County Emergency Medical Services presentation (2023-00286)
    Action Taken: Received and filed

Committee actions will be referred to the next Council meeting: Mar 23, 2023
Next Public Health & Safety Committee meeting: Mar 29, 2023

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