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Marked Agenda

A post-meeting synopsis of actions taken or decisions made on all matters.

Economic Development & Regulatory Services Committee Agenda

Standing Committee of the City Council
Minneapolis Community Development Agency Operating Committee
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Regular Meeting
February 5, 2019 - 1:30 pm
Room 317, City Hall
Members Present: Council Members Lisa Goodman (Chair), Jeremiah Ellison (Vice-Chair), Cam Gordon, Steve Fletcher, Phillipe Cunningham, and Alondra Cano (Quorum: 4)
Clerk: Irene Kasper, (612) 673-2216

Public Hearing

  1. 2 Seed Café, 3252 W Lake St, (Ward 7) for an On Sale Liquor, Sunday Sales, with No Live Entertainment License This link open a new window(2019-00153)
    Action Taken: Approved


  1. 3 Liquor license approvals for Feb. 5, 2019 This link open a new window(2019-00152)
    View Items
    Action Taken: Approved
  2. 4 Liquor license renewals for Feb. 5, 2019 This link open a new window(2019-00147)
    1. BOBBY & STEVE'S AUTOWORLD, 1221 WASHINGTON AVE S Minneapolis, MN, (Ward 3) submitted by BOBBY AND STEVES AUTO WORLD II LLP, BLBeerOff, LIC75181
    2. GEEK LOVE CAFE AT MOON PALACE BOOKS, 3032 MINNEHAHA AVE Minneapolis, MN, submitted by Moon Palace Books LLC, BLWine, LIC353749
    3. TARGET T1375, 900 NICOLLET MALL Minneapolis, MN, (Ward 7) submitted by TARGET CORPORATION, BLLiqOff, LIC107813
    Action Taken: Approved
  3. 5 Gambling license renewals for Feb. 5, 2019 This link open a new window(2019-00148)
    Action Taken: Approved
  4. 6 Business License Operating Conditions: Bottle House Wine and Spirits, 150 2nd Ave S, (Ward 3) for an Off-Sale Liquor License This link open a new window(2019-00157)
    Action Taken: Approved
  5. 7 Rental Dwelling License conditions: 3218 40th Ave S, owner Darin Steen This link open a new window(2019-00150)
    Action Taken: Approved
  6. 8 Rental Dwelling License conditions: 1915-1917 Sharon Ave SE, owner Conrad Ellestad This link open a new window(2019-00154)
    Action Taken: Approved
  7. 9 Land sale closing date extension: Alden Smith House, 1403 Harmon Place, 45 Spruce Place, and 1400 Yale Place This link open a new window(2019-00156)
    Action Taken: Approved


  1. 10 Great Streets Facade Improvement Grant Program Administration funding awards This link open a new window(2019-00155)
    Action Taken: Approved
  2. 11 Upper Harbor Terminal Concept Plan This link open a new window(2019-00111)
    1. Approving the Upper Harbor Terminal (UHT) Concept Plan (without preempting or prescribing future consideration of related land use, zoning, preservation and other actions).

    2. Directing staff to continue, pursuant to the June 7, 2017, Exclusive Rights Agreement, to further refine the Concept Plan and implementation strategy for future consideration of the resulting Coordinated Plan, and authorizing staff to execute an amendment to said agreement extending the process and expiration date to March 31, 2020, clarifying the role of the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board in concept plan approval, and amending Exhibit B.

    3. Authorizing an agreement of up to $180,000 with Northern States Power, dba Xcel Energy, to reimburse them for the costs of an engineering study to relocate the Xcel transmission lines on the UHT site.

    4. Directing staff to include in the 2019 State Legislative Agenda and Policy Positions a request for $2,000,000 in predesign and design funding for the proposed outdoor music performance venue, with a priority ranking of #2.

    5. Directing staff to allocate $500,000 from the Development Infrastructure Program and any such additional funds approved in the 2020 City budget to the public infrastructure costs in Phase 1 of the UHT project.

    Action Taken: Postponed to EDRS meeting of Feb 19, 2019


  1. 12 Upper Harbor Terminal Concept Plan This link open a new window(2019-00111)
    1. Directing Community Planning & Economic Development staff to collaborate with community-based groups, organizations, as well as philanthropic and cross-jurisdictional partners to identify and select an organization, such as but not limited to PolicyLink and Democracy Collaborative, to develop a racial equity framework on which the development can be based, and racial equity goals can be defined, measured and monitored within the next six months.

      Action Taken: Approved
    2. Directing Community Planning & Economic Development staff to work with Upper Harbor Terminal Community Planning and Engagement Committee to:

      1. Review the Concept Plan and make and report back any amendments within the first 60 days after the first convening of the committee;
      2. Collaborate to develop three scenarios to assess for financial feasibility and environmental impact;
      3. Collaborate with Department of Neighborhood and Community Relations (NCR) to support the committee to lead more in-depth , long term community engagement; and
      4. Support the committee’s participation in and centering of deliberative democratic strategies and EcoDistrict protocals.
      Action Taken: Approved
    3. Directing Community Planning & Economic Development staff to report back to the Economic Development & Regulatory Services Committee with a cost/benefit analysis of keeping or replacing the warehouse currently housing Mississippi Mushrooms.  If possible, include this analysis in the staff presentation on Feb. 19, 2019.

      Action Taken: Approved

A portion of this meeting may be closed to the public pursuant to MN Statutes Section 13D.03 or 13D.05.

Committee actions will be referred to the next Council meeting: Feb 15, 2019
Next Economic Development & Regulatory Services Committee meeting: Feb 19, 2019
Submit written comments about agenda items to: [email protected]

This meeting may be recorded. Recordings of public meetings are posted for public access through the City’s Legislative Information Management System (LIMS), available at and from the City’s YouTube channel. If you participate in the public meeting, the information you provide may be classified as public data pursuant to the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act; this could include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Your attendance at the meeting;
  • Your name, residential address, email or phone number, or other personal contact details;
  • Your comments at the meeting, whether part of a formal hearing or comment period or otherwise; and
  • Any submissions you provide before or after the meeting which are included as part of the public record of the meeting.

A portion of this meeting may be closed to the public pursuant to MN Statutes Section 13D.03 or 13D.05.

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