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Marked Agenda

A post-meeting synopsis of actions taken or decisions made on all matters.

Business, Inspections, Housing & Zoning Committee Agenda

Standing Committee of the City Council
Minneapolis Community Development Agency Operating Committee
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Regular Meeting
March 28, 2023 - 1:30 pm
Room 317, City Hall
Members Present: Council Members Jamal Osman (Vice-Chair), Michael Rainville, Jeremiah Ellison, and Aisha Chughtai (Quorum: 4)
Members Absent: Council Members Lisa Goodman (Chair) and Jason Chavez
Clerk: Peggy Menshek, (612) 673-2216

Public Hearing

  1. 2 Steady Pour, 2125 Hennepin Ave E, #205, (Ward 1) for an On Sale Liquor, Sunday Sales, with No Live Entertainment license (2023-00325)
    Action Taken: Approved
  2. 3 2023 Consolidated Plan Action Plan (2023-00281)
    1. Receiving public comments on the City of Minneapolis 2023 Consolidated Plan Action Plan.

      Action Taken: Received and filed
    2. Authorizing submittal of the 2023 HUD Consolidated Plan Action Plan to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development on April 17, 2023, inclusive of public comments received.

      Action Taken: Approved
    3. Passage of Resolution authorizing proper City officials to execute and/or carry out the intent of the 2023 Consolidated Plan program allocations (CDBG, HOME, ESG and HOPWA entitlement grants), as amended, including the 2023 Adopted Budget Schedule 4 - Housing and Urban Development Formula Grant. 

      Action Taken: Approved
    4. Passage of Resolution authorizing proper City officials to enter into any necessary grant agreements with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to receive 2023 Consolidated Plan funding.

      Action Taken: Approved
  3. 4 1301 West Lake St Project Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Plan (2023-00282)
    1. Passage of Resolution approving the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Plan for the 1301 West Lake St project.

    2. Authorizing a redevelopment contract or other necessary documents related to the recommended actions with CommonBond or an affiliated entity.

    3. Approving the Seven Points market-rate project meaningful contribution to the 1301 Lake St W affordable project to fulfill the Inclusionary Zoning Off-Site Compliance requirements.

    Action Taken: Approved

Quasi-Judicial Hearing

  1. 5 On Sale Wine License Revocation: Mary Ellen's Bistro, 300 13th Ave NE, (Ward 3) held by Mary Ellen's Bistro LLC. (2023-00321)
    Action Taken: Approved


  1. 6 Liquor license approvals for March 28, 2023 (2023-00327)
    View Items
    Action Taken: Approved
  2. 7 Liquor License Renewals for March 28, 2023 (2023-00346)
    View Items
    Action Taken: Approved
  3. 8 Modification of an Existing Commercial Property Development Fund (CPDF) Loan to Provision LLC: 705 42nd Ave N and 4164 Aldrich Ave N (2023-00344)
    Action Taken: Approved
  4. 9 Exclusive Development Rights to D&T Investments LLP: 2712-2800 Penn Ave N (2023-00345)
    Action Taken: Approved
  5. 10 Local historic landmark designation: Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, 316 4th Ave SE (2023-00326)
    Action Taken: Approved
  6. 11 Rezoning: Ahmad Eltawely, 2323 Emerson Ave N (2023-00328)
    1. Approving an application submitted by Ahmad Eltawely to rezone (PLAN15869) the property located at 2323 Emerson Ave N to add the SZ Split Zoning Overlay District, retaining the C1 Neighborhood Commercial District, R2B Multiple-Family District, and BFC4 Corridor 4 Built Form Overlay District.

    2. Passage of Ordinance amending Title 20, Chapter 521 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances relating to Zoning Code: Zoning Districts and Maps Generally.

    Action Taken: Approved
  7. 12 Skateboard ramps or structures ordinance (2023-00245)
    Action Taken: Public hearing set for Apr 18, 2023


  1. 13 Great Streets Gap Financing Loan to V3 Sports Inc.: 701 Plymouth Ave N. (2023-00341)
    Action Taken: Approved


  1. 14 Allina Health System bond issuance: 800 E 28th St (2023-00350)
    Action Taken: Public hearing set for Apr 18, 2023

Committee actions will be referred to the next Council meeting: Apr 13, 2023
Next Business, Inspections, Housing & Zoning Committee meeting: Apr 18, 2023

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