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Marked Agenda

Civil Rights Commission Agenda

Regular Meeting
April 19, 2021 - 6:00 pm
Online Meeting
Members Present: McKenzie May (Chair), Janelle Shoemake (Vice-Chair), Kate Stevens (Secretary), Amy Bergquist, Jeffrey Cobia, Andrew Crowder, Blythe Davis, Cindy Devonish, David Farrar, Mary Fee, Bob Fine, Victoria Fok, Ashley Gold, Bennett Hartz, Paul Hurckman, Cindy Lord, Kenneth Rance, Cassandra Shepherd, Mark Stignani, Jayne Swift, and Jared Widseth (Quorum: 10)
Staff: Ayan Adan

Call To Order

  1. Roll Call.
    Quorum Present
    Adoption of the agenda.
    Action Taken: Adopted as Amended
    Acceptance of minutes

    Action Taken: Accepted as Amended


  1. Receiving an update on the African American Preservation Act.

    Action Taken: Received and filed

Public Comment

  1. Receiving and filing public comments.

    Action Taken: Received and filed


  1. Receiving reports from the following:

    1. Accountability for the Killing of George Floyd Task Force
    2. Standards & Procedures Subcommittee
    3. Community Engagement & Research Subcommittee
    4. Workforce & Contract Compliance Subcommittee
    5. Vice-Chair of Civil Rights Commission
    6. Chair of the Civil Rights Commission
    7. Civil Rights Department - Director of Complaint Investigation Division
    Action Taken: Received and filed


  1. Reviewing the statement of the United Nations as it relates to human rights.
    Action Taken: Postponed to May 17, 2021


Next Civil Rights Commission meeting: May 17, 2021