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Marked Agenda

Homegrown Minneapolis Food Council Agenda

Regular Meeting
April 14, 2021 - 5:30 pm
online meeting
Members Present: Kate Seybold (Co-Chair), Tsega Tamene (Co-Chair), Nolan Greene, Rebecca Gross, Andrea Inouye, Kristen Klingler, Amy Maas, Emily Minge, Devon Nolen, Teresa Opheim, Latasha Powell, Aidan Read, Helen Schnoes, Jeremy Schroeder, and Tiffany Lashae Stoker-Riggs (Quorum: 13)
Members Absent: Suado Abdi, Melissa Anderson, Elizabeth Dooley, Andrea Eger, Kim Havey, Marcus Kar, Ibrahim Mohamed, Jason Walker, and Mai Yang
Staff: Tamara Downs Schwei

Call To Order

  1. Roll Call.
    Quorum Present
    Adoption of the agenda.
    Action Taken: Adopted
    Action Taken: Accepted


  1. Federal and state food systems legislative and funding updates; challenges and opportunities

    1. State food systems (Leah Gardner, Hunger Solutions; DeVon Nolen, Kate Seybold)
    2. Federal food systems (Jill Krueger, Amanda Karls, Public Health Law Center)
    Action Taken: No action taken


  1. LEAFF Program (Rhys Williams, The Good Acre)
    Action Taken: Received and filed

    Food Action Plan updates

    1. MFAP staff transition (Anu Ramaswami, Princeton University and Hikaru Peterson, University of Minnesota)
    2. MFAP engagement (Tamara Downs Schwei)
    3. Food Council interview request (Saba Siddiki and Graham Ambrose, Syracuse University)
    Action Taken: Received and filed

    City staff updates

    1. COVID-19 testing resources (Jonathan Rossall, Minneapolis Health Department)
    Action Taken: Received and filed


Next Homegrown Minneapolis Food Council meeting: May 12, 2021