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Marked Agenda

Ethical Practices Board Agenda

Regular Meeting
January 17, 2023 - 3:00 pm
Room 315, City Hall
Members Present: Walter Bauch (Chair), Michael Friedman, and Anthony Thompson (Quorum: 2)
Staff: Peggy Menshek, (612) 673-2216

Call To Order

  1. Roll Call.
    Quorum Present
    Adoption of the agenda.
    Action Taken: Adopted
    Acceptance of minutes

    Action Taken: Accepted


  1. Election of Chair and Vice Chair
    Action Taken: Approved

Unfinished Business

  1. Ethics Complaint No. 2022-42: Motion to Dismiss

    Action Taken: Approved

New Business

  1. Annual review of Bylaws and Rules of Procedure: Introduction of amendments and referral to March meeting
    Action Taken: Approved

    Ethics Complaint No. 2022-49: Finding that said complaint establishes probable cause to believe a violation of the Ethics in Government Code exists, authorizing the Ethics Officer, or designee, to extend a preliminary recommendation regarding resolution within the direction given by the Board, and directing the Ethics Officer to set a hearing date within the time limits required if the matter doesn’t resolve. (Closed Session)

    Action Taken: Approved


  1. Ethics Inquiry Report
    Action Taken: Received and filed
    Complaint Activity Report
    Action Taken: Received and filed
    Other Activity Report
    Action Taken: Received and filed


Next Ethical Practices Board meeting: Mar 21, 2023