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Marked Agenda

Community Environmental Advisory Commission Agenda

Regular Meeting
April 21, 2021 - 5:00 pm
Members Present: Max Dalton, Indigo Davitt-Liu, Mark Dhennin, Tess Dornfeld, Matthew Douglas-May, Sandy Fazeli, Lauren Fleming, LesLee Jackson, Anna Johnson, Nemera Jorgo, Toya Lopez, Barbara Lunde, Nicholas Minderman, Erin Niehoff, and Jaqueline Zepeda (Quorum: 10)
Members Absent: Senbeta Ayansa, Divine Islam, Manu Lewis, and Abishhu Woge
Staff: Kim Havey

Call To Order

  1. Roll Call.
    Quorum Present
    Adoption of the agenda.
    Action Taken: Adopted as Amended
    Action Taken: Accepted


  1. Location: Online Meeting, Dial-In Number: 612-276-6670 Phone Conference ID: 552 471 136#

    Land Acknowledgement: As we meet here today, we are reminded that Minneapolis is situated on the homelands of the Dakota people. An area that is steeped in rich Indigenous history, it is home to Indigenous people from more than 30 different nations. As a City, we have a responsibility to care for the land on which we live and work and all its natural surroundings. This stewardship is an integral part of our involvement in this commission, and we honor it as we begin our meeting. We now open this space to discuss ways in which we can support Indigenous people in our community.

    Action Taken: No action taken


  1. Travel Demand Management, Parking and EV Charging Ordinance Changes

    Do you have any thoughts on advice we want to provide, based on the presentation from our March meeting? If you want to see CEAC consider something, please put it here or we will drop this as a topic for next month. The links to the presentation and CEAC's letter from 2019 are also included in the doc.

    Action Taken: Approved


  1. Presentation on the existing Minneapolis Climate Action Plan

    Action Taken: Received and filed

New Business

  1. Breakout Sessions on Climate Equity and Action Plan Topic

        1. What should be added to the plan that’s not addressed in the current plan?
        2. Where does adaptation and mitigation fit into the plan?
        3. How does the city center equity and environmental justice ?
        4. What metrics or criteria should we use to measure Climate Equity, i.e. GHG, community health, ?
        5. What should our GHG goal be?  Net Carbon Neutral?  Others?
        6. How should CEAC be engaged in the plan development?
    Action Taken: Received and filed


  1. Updates from Commissioners

    Future CEAC Meeting Topics:

    May 19th  - Science based Targets: Presentation by Mark Dhennin on how they are developed at Cummins

    City Enterprise Green Building Policy


    HOURCAR is launching an exciting new project which will provide shared EVs and EV charging infrastructure to residents of apartments and condominiums where none is currently available. The project - including the cost of construction and the cost of the vehicles - will be significantly underwritten by a partnership between HOURCAR and Xcel Energy with support from the US Department of Energy and is available at very low cost to participating site hosts. If you are a multifamily property owner, developer, or manager and have a site that meets our criteria or a city official looking to expand carsharing and electric vehicle options to your area we would love to talk to you!

    Contact: Abby Alldaffer Multifamily Project Manager [email protected] (651)-400-2297

    Action Taken: Received and filed


Next Community Environmental Advisory Commission meeting: May 19, 2021