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Local Board of Appeal and Equalization Agenda

Adjourned Meeting
May 14, 2020 - 9:00 am
Room 317, City Hall
Members: Neal Anderson (Chair), Faye Bland (Vice-Chair), Steve Havig, Karen Reid, and Michael Tinker (Quorum: 3)
Staff: Adrian Benjamin

Call To Order

  1. Roll Call.
    Adoption of the agenda.

New Business

  1. Appeal application for 2301 Emerson Ave N (Case No. 20-0308)
    Appeal application for 3043 35th Ave S (Case No. 20-0083)
    Appeal application for 305 Cedar Ave S (Case No. 20-0209)
    Appeal application for 309 Cedar Ave S (Case No. 20-0210)
    Appeal applicaiton for 317 Cedar Ave S (Case No. 20-0211)
    Appeal application for 346 36th St E #346 (Case No. 20-0182)
    Appeal application for 1786 James Ave S (Case No. 20-0013)
    Appeal application for 3605 4th Ave S (Case No. 20-0323)
    Appeal application for 431 River St (Case No. 20-0395)
    Appeal application for 2633 Pillsbury Ave (Case No. 20-0617)
    Appeal application for 4816 Penn Ave S (Case No. 20BH-0227)
    Appeal application for 2422 35TH Ave S (Case No. 20BH-0224)
    Appeal application for 2648 34TH Ave S (Case No. 20BH-0220)
    Appeal application for 5024 Vincent Ave S (Case No. 20BH-0218)
    Appeal application for 2653 37TH Ave S (Case No. 20BH-0217)
    Appeal application for 2657 32ND Ave S (Case No. 20BH-0216)
    Appeal application for 630 7TH St SE (Case No. 20BH-0208)
    Appeal application for 4936 Xerxes Ave S (Case No. 20BH-0202)
    Appeal application for 3125 22ND St E (Case No. 20BH-0201)
    Appeal application for 5352 1ST Ave S (Case No. 20BH-0190)
    Appeal application for 3816 24TH Ave S (Case No. 20BH-0189)
    Appeal application for 3832 York Ave S (Case No. 20BH-0185)
    Appeal application for 4139 30TH Ave S (Case No. 20BH-0180)
    Appeal application for 4147 39TH Ave S (Case No. 20BH-0179)
    Appeal application for 3912 45TH Ave S (Case No. 20BH-0166)
    Appeal application for 3952 Ewing Ave S (Case No. 20BH-0162)
    Appeal application for 1333 Washburn Ave N (Case No. 20BH-0158)
    Appeal application for 2900 University Ave SE #211 (Case No. 20BH-0157)
    Appeal application for 4502 Beard Ave S (Case No. 20BH-0156)
    Appeal application for 4815 Oakland Ave (Case No. 20BH-0143)
    Appeal application for 2508 34TH Ave S (Case No. 20BH-0139)
    Appeal application for 2736 Hennepin Ave (Case No. 20BH-0137)
    Appeal application for 1809 Irving Ave S (Case No. 20BH-0135)
    Appeal application for 215 10TH Ave S #624 (Case No. 20BH-0126)
    Appeal application for 3656 45TH Ave S (Case No. 20BH-0112)
    Appeal application for 2727 Taylor St (Case No. 20BH-0110)
    Appeal application for 3433 15TH Ave S (Case No. 20BH-0107)
    Appeal application for 3914 36TH Ave S (Case No. 20BH-0106)
    Appeal application for 920 Franklin Terr (Case No. 20BH-0099)
    Appeal application for 2930 Park Ave (Case No. 20BH-0098)
    Appeal application for 2700 44TH St W #306 (Case No. 20BH-0097


  1. Recess to reconvene on May 18, 2020, in City Hall Room 317 at 10:00a.m. 

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Next Local Board of Appeal and Equalization meeting : May 18, 2020

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