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An outline of matters presented during the meeting arranged by a prescribed order.

Public Health & Safety Committee Agenda

Standing Committee of the City Council
Minneapolis Community Development Agency Operating Committee
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Regular Meeting
June 24, 2021 - 1:30 pm
Online Meeting
Members: Council Members Phillipe Cunningham (Chair), Steve Fletcher (Vice-Chair), Cam Gordon, Jeremiah Ellison, Alondra Cano, and Linea Palmisano (Quorum: 4)
Clerk: Maddy Norgard, (612) 673-2216


  1. 2 Right to Counsel ordinance This link open a new window(2021-00654)
    1. Referring to staff the subject matter of an ordinance amending Title 7 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances relating to Civil Rights, adding a new Chapter 143 entitled "Right to Counsel" to create a right to counsel for tenants facing eviction. 

  2. 3 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) grant for COVID-19 response This link open a new window(2021-00725)
    1. Accepting a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the amount of $4,292,679, for a two-year period from June 1, 2021, through May 31, 2023, to address COVID-19 health disparities among high-risk and underserved populations, including racial and ethnic minority populations.

    2. Authorizing an agreement with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the grant.

    3. Passage of Resolution approving appropriation of funds to the Health Department.

  3. 4 Minnesota Department of Health grant for influenza vaccination extension This link open a new window(2021-00726)
    1. Authorizing an extension to a grant agreement with the Minnesota Department of Health (Grant Project Agreement No. 185743), through June 30, 2022, to provide enhanced influenza vaccination coverage for the 2021-2022 influenza season.


  1. 5 Community safety update This link open a new window(2021-00071)
    1. Receiving and filing a presentation on community safety. 

  2. 6 Racism as a public health emergency This link open a new window(2020-00717)
    1. Receiving and filing an update on the Racism as a Public Health Emergency resolution.

    2. Passage of Resolution amending Resolution 2020R-193 entitled “Declaring racism a public health emergency in the City of Minneapolis,” passed July 17, 2020.
  3. 7 Creation of an unarmed Traffic Safety Division This link open a new window(2021-00474)
    1. Receiving and filing an update on the design and creation of an unarmed Traffic Safety Division.

  4. 8 Public safety transformation alternatives and policy analysis update This link open a new window(2021-00332)
    1. Receiving and filing an update on progress around the various pilots and implementation projects for alternatives to police response.


  1. 9 Racism as a public health emergency This link open a new window(2020-00717)
    1. Adopting the update on racism as a public health emergency as the implementation plan for the resolution.


Members may participate remotely by telephone or other electronic means due to the local public health emergency (novel coronavirus pandemic) declared on March 16, 2020, pursuant to the provisions of MN Statutes Section 13D.021.

Watch the meeting on: Comcast Channel 14 or 799; City Council TV; or the City's YouTube channel. Learn how to participate in the meeting.

Actions referred to Council: Jul 2, 2021
Next Committee meeting: Jul 15, 2021
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A portion of this meeting may be closed to the public pursuant to MN Statutes Section 13D.03 or 13D.05.

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